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Short Best Man Speeches The Lazy & Quickly Way

Posted on : 21-07-2010 | By : admin | In : Best Man Short Speeches


So you’re gonna be a best man but you don’t like to be on the spot? You can still make a speech, just keep it short. You can get all you need in a thirty second speech that a best man is supposed to say.

There are three main things you need to get out of the way first. You should introduce yourself, and how you know the groom. Then, thank the people for attending the wedding. Let them know that their presence is appreciated by the bride and groom. The last thing is a toast. So if you stick to those three things and just a few quick words to the bride and groom, you will have pulled off a good short best man speech in between thirty seconds to a minute. Also, by keeping it short you don’t need to bring any cue cards and can’t get stumbled on your words. It would be really easy to memorize.

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Here is an example of a easy,short best man speech:

“ Hello friends and family of bride’s name and groom’s name. My name is your name. I am a close friend of groom’s name. On behalf of the bride and groom, I want to thank each of you for coming and celebrating this great day of union between two people in love.

I remember when groom’s name told me he found the woman he was going to marry. I expected a pretty and nice woman. Bride’s name, was much more than that and I am very glad that my best friend was lucky enough to find her.

To the bride and the groom; may you always be happy, lucky, and successful in your life together. Remember the good times, and stick it out in the bad. Never forget how lucky you are to have each other. I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say that this union is one destined for greatness.”

See. Now that was short and sweet but it covered all the bases of the typical best man speech. You spoke about the yourself, the bride and groom, and a happy future.

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