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The Way to Write Killer Best Man Speech

Posted on : 21-07-2010 | By : admin | In : How to Write a Best Man Speech


When you are attending a wedding and you listen to the best man speech, have you ever thought about the preparation and stress that man must have gone through to put it all together? Probably not, and now you find yourself in the same position as him and you don’t know what to do. Now, you know how he felt. It isn’t so easy is it? I’m glad that you are taking it seriously, though, because a best man speech is usually a big highlight of the whole evening. I should know, I’ve given a few, and I’m about to give another and this is the process I usually go through to put together a speech that will engage the crowd, honor the bride and groom, and make it memorable.

First of all, you should have everything planned out before you get up there. I suggest you write the whole thing out, at least at first, and read it out loud five to ten times. It’s different when you hear it out loud. Usually you can catch more things that way and besides, that is what the crowd will hear. They won’t be reading it. Make sure it flows nice and makes perfect sense. When you are satisfied with it, mark cue cards with the main points and write out things that you want to make sure you say word for word.

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To begin the speech, you should thank everyone for attending; explain your relationship to the groom and your feelings for him. You should also include a short story about when you first met the bride, and the good qualities you found in her. In there somewhere you could include some humor and everything should be on a positive note.

You can include any tips you have for the bride and groom if you are married, or you can relate a story about the groom that you would relate to how good a husband he would be. You should always express your belief that the marriage will be a happy one filled with love; of course change the wording into your own words, if you choose. The very last thing is to have everyone raise their glasses in a toast to the bride and groom. The toast you should also be in your own words and this should be a sentimental expression. By the end of the speech all should be in agreement with your sentiments, and the hearts of all should have rejoiced in the marriage of the bride and groom.

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