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Funny Best Man Speeches

101 Funny Best Man Speeches. How To Get To Guests Crying  :-)

As a best man, your speeches usually end up with stories about the groom. Since you are the best man, you must be pretty good friends with the groom and have a lot of history together. When men are single, they can do some pretty crazy things. Women always straighten us out. (That’s why I’m not married yet. I’m not ready to give up the crazy life.) So to add some humor to your speeches, you can tell a story about one of those crazy experiences you had with the groom. Not only will you keep the crowds attention, but you will lighten the mood. You should make sure not to include any crude or distasteful parts of the story. You don’t want to embarrass the newlyweds.
If you remember how the groom first told you about the bride, you can use this to your advantage. Something like, “I remember the look in Mike’s eyes when he first told me about this girl he met named Karen. He looked like a deer caught in headlights, paralyzed from the neck up. He spoke of her as if she were an apparition. I should have known then and there that she would have him shackled within six months. She certainly put a spell on him!”

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Of course, it doesn’t have to relate specifically to the groom and his past. You could also make a funny best man speech by telling about obstacles overcome by the couple. The beginning of true love is always hearts and butterflies, and for men, this isn’t something they are used to. Perhaps there was a funny experience through the first meeting of the in-laws or best friends. Don’t talk about sensitive issues, but use personal experiences that others could relate too and find the humor in.
You should remember why you are best man. The groom means a lot to you and it is an honor for you to be there giving a speech for him in his new path in life. Your funny best man speech could help him feel at ease and also keep a close relationship even after he ties the knot. By delivering a well prepared speech that makes the wedding party laugh you will be making this day a day to remember by all who attended and the groom and bride will have great memories of their wedding day. Remember to relax and be yourself, because you can’t make anyone laugh if you aren’t laughing. If you need help in thinking of ideas or structuring your speeches I found a great book that has helped me over the years. It is a great book called Best man speeches: Be Fearless, Funny and Flawless! By Dan Stevens and Sally Samuels. They really deliver everything you need to prepare the greatest best man speech.

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