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My Best Man Speech Advices for Beginners

Posted on : 03-11-2010 | By : admin | In : Best Man Speeches


Whether it’s you first time to be a best man or the 12th, being one is a great honor. If this is your first time, then congratulations and good luck! This means that there’s someone in your life that truly sees you as a confidant, a loyal friend or “brother”. If this is your 12th time, then, congratulations and kudos! You are the BEST man of all best men.

For those first timers, don’t be afraid of nerves. That’s normal. If you don’t have nerves then it’s either you’re just too confident to the point of arrogance or you’re just lying. No need to hide your feelings, in fact read on to know more about best man speeches. I’ll try to give your best man speech examples that will be remembered not just by the couple but by the guests as well.

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Tips on how to write best man speeches:

1.       Envision what you want to do during your speech. If you want to go with the traditional route then make a draft about it. Of course, the all too familiar best man joke(s) shouldn’t be omitted. After all, that’s a staple in all best man speeches. Now if you’re going to try the modern way of giving best man speeches, then just make sure that you can deliver whatever you’re going to prepare for the couple and the guests.

2.       Whatever route you take, make sure that you just say what you feel… but wit caution. You just can’t blurt out all the sexcapades that you’re friend (the groom) had done before in front of his new wife AND her family. That’s just not right. If you’re going to crack a joke or two, make sure that they’re worth listening and not fighting. Mind the content of your jokes as well as there are, most probably, kids everywhere.

Few best man speech examples that you can pick ideas from:

Example #1

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen and congratulations to our lovely couple. It’s been a real honor and pleasure of mine to not only be part of this celebration but also to stand alongside my brother (best friend, childhood friend, cousin, etc.). For as long as I can remember, this is the one of the few precious moments where I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that my brother is the luckiest and happiest man in the world right now.”

This can be your introduction to your speech. You can go on but make sure to allot just few minutes for your speech.

Example #2

“Welcome families, friends and guests of the two happiest persons in the world today, (insert name of couple). My name is (insert name) and I’m the honored best man of this wonderful event. I don’t really have anything much to say because I’m and I’ll make sure that I’ll witness the journey of these two from here until we all shall live. So I’m just going to give a toast to the newlyweds. May your marriage life be as awesome (insert groom’s name) and lovely (insert bride’s name). Congratulations!”

This is a sample of a short yet concise best man speech that both newbies and pros can use.

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